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ABOVE THE LINE - Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Program, by: Urban Meyer

We will start beginning on Monday, July 22nd at 7AM

Please note that we will no longer be meeting on Wednesdays at 12PM. At this time we will only meet MOnday MORNINGS at 7am. We hope you will join us!!!

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Week 1 – Monday, July 22nd at 7AM

 Prologue: Leading from the Heart (pg.1-22)

ONE: The Foundation (pg. 23-38)

 Week 2 – Monday, July 29th at 7AM

TWO: The R Factor (pg. 39-60)

THREE: Creating a Culture (pg. 61-84)

 Week 3 – Monday, August 5th at 7AM

FOUR: Relentless Effort (pg. 85-98)

FIVE: Competitive Excellence (pg. 99-120) 

 Week 4 – Monday, August 12th at 7AM

SIX: Power of the Unit (pg. 121-144)

SEVEN: The Necessity of Alignment (pg. 145-158)

Week 5 – Monday, August 19th at 7AM

EIGHT: The 10-80-10 Principle (pg. 159-186)

NINE: Think Like a Leader (pg. 187-202)

Week 6 – Monday, August 26th at 7AM

TEN: The Power of Belief (pg. 203-222)

ELEVEN: The Chase Is Complete (pg. 223-236)

Epilogue: (pg. 237-242)

Acknowledgments (pg. 243-246)

2014 Roster (pg. 247-252)

Index (pg. 253)