In Honor of Women’s History Month!!

Join Wake Up Leadership for our next book!  Expect to Win: 10 Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace by Carla A. Harris!!!  

We will start this book beginning on Monday March 11th - 7AM and Wednesday, March 13th - 12PM

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 Week 1: March 11th, 7AM and March 13th, 12PM


Chapter 1. Authenticity: The Power Is You

Week 2: March 18th, 7AM and March 20th, 12PM

Chapter 2.   Be the Architect of Your Own Agenda: Have a Flexible Strategy and Don’t Be Distracted by Mistakes

Chapter 3.   You Are the Captain of Your Career: The Ninety-Day Rule


 Week 3: March 25th, 7AM and March 27th, 12PM

Chapter 4. Perception Is the Copilot to Reality: How People Perceive You Will Directly Impact How They Deal with You

Chapter 5. The Mentor, the Sponsor, the Adviser: Having Them All


 Week 4: April 1st, 7AM and April 3rd, 12PM

Chapter 6. Leverage Your Voice: Articulate Your Views and Your Expectations

Chapter 7. Have a Penchant for Taking Risks: You Can’t Go Wrong


 Week 5: April 8th, 7AM and April 10th, 12PM

Chapter 8. Power in the Network: A Competitive Advantage

Chapter 9. Balance Is a Necessity: Use Your Passions to Achieve It


 Week 6: April 15th, 7AM and April 17th, 12PM

Chapter 10. Expect to Win: Show Up with Your Best Self Every Day

Chapter 11. My Most Precious Pearl