3 Questions with Willy Stewart

so many good books, so little time

so many good books, so little time

1. How do you decide on books for the club to read? Do you have a stockpile of books ready to go for future?

I suggested the first 2 books and encouraged the third, but I want other people to chime in with their experiences. There are so many great books out there, but not all of them are as deep and transformational as the one we're reading now (On Fire by John O'Leary).

2. What qualities make a book good for this type of club?

They should be not too deep into the textbook of leadership. This one has leadership but also transformative teaching. There's a good one one called Good to Great, but it's specific for people who run companies. It's more about building amazing companies so some people might think, there’s so little of this I can apply to my own life. It has to be one we can share and get a lot out of it. There’s one called The 4 Disciplines of Execution that’s more textbook, so we'd want to balance one like that with one like On Fire.

3. Do you typically read these books more than once?

There's something to be said for going back and rereading a very powerful book. Your subconscious looks at the deeper meaning of the writing. I have savored all the books on another level every time. It’s like going back to a restaurant where you had a good meal and ordering the same thing and it’s even better because you pause and enjoy every single bit because you know it’s amazing. I just say, Now let me just enjoy every page & study what was trying to be conveyed.