Thoughts on our new book - Expect to Win

-We started a new book, Expect to Win by Carla Harris this week. This book came to our attention when some of us attended a luncheon on February 22nd and Carla was the guest speaker. Her powerful speech motivated us to add this book to our list and start it in March, coinciding with Women’s History Month. As expected, this book generated great discussion on Monday and Wednesday around the first chapter topic of authenticity. Some of the themes discussed were the importance of authenticity in building trust, being authentic by acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, the difficulty in resisting trying to behave, speak or act the way you think others want you to and being silent when you need to speak up. As often happens, we shared moments in our lives where we were challenged with being authentic and moments where our authenticity influenced others. I am always enriched by our discussions.

Doug Taylor